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Gulf Logistics Services DMCC

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About Gulf Logistics Services DMCC

Gulf Logistics Services DMCC was established to provide a comprehensive range of operations and logistics consultancy services to the shipping industry in the GCC and Mena region. Comprised of a dynamic team of experts with over ten years of experience in maritime operations and industry best practices, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver specialized solutions to cater to our clients ever changing requirements.

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Professional Services

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Logistics & Operations Management

Always Prepared

Gulf Logistics Services offers comprehensive and highly specialized Logistics and Operations consultancy services to our wide range of clients in order to optimize their operations and supply chain management.

Specialized in the realization of strategic value chain processes and targeted supply chain improvements, our customer - oriented approach reduces logistics and operational costs as well as improves overall efficiency.


Our services include regional, national, and global logistics network development and implementation. 

Strategic Planning

Bespoke Services

A fundamental component of our teams know-how is the identification, development, and implementation of strategic initiatives and solutions for our clients.  We provide insight across operational, economic, logistics,  and situational areas using  our specific know-how, our geo-strategy knowledge and industry best practices.


Market research, screening, and vetting of suppliers on behalf of our clients with a main focus on shipping agents, ship chandlers, bunker suppliers, custom brokers and freight forwarders. Market research of the competitive landscape and market entry barriers and opportunities in the local maritime industry. 


Maritime Project Management

Dynamic and Versatile 

Based on the deep and long - standing maritime experience of our team and thanks to our vast operational knowledge, we are able to manage any kind of maritime and port environmental project. We specialize in complex port calls, long deployments, multiple simultaneous ship visits, concurrent requirements and urgent replenishments to be performed in a short period of time.

Our management process is based on solid international standards and industry best practices, enriched by specific tailored and personalized solutions, directed at all kinds of shipping sectors. We provide all range of services and we cover all phases of a project: from planning to preliminary arrangements, from execution to re-deployment.


We ensure constant on-site monitoring and strict operational coordination on behalf of our clients within the GCC region.

Business Development & Tender 


Attention to Detail

GLS offers a confidential and highly specialized professional service to prepare and develop tender proposals and contract bids. Through our global network of professionals, experts  in the specific industry sector, and strengthened by our successful history in tendering activities, we are able to deliver compelling first-class level technical tender proposals. 


Technical Requirements and Analysis phase 


This phase includes a thorough analysis of the tender requirements and a full review of the tender documents requested. 


Tender Strategy and timeline phase


This phase includes various tendering strategy sessions to develop the clients unique selling proposition.


Developing a project management style timeline for submission of all data, technical information, design, presentation, and formatting. 


Compiling and formatting phase 


Compiling all elements of the tender for final review and submission

Signing a Contract
Warehouse Workers

Cost / Benefit Analysis

Expert Service

By conducting a thorough cost - benefit analysis we are able to ascertain the viability of any maritime operation, project, or investment.  In our analysis, we take into account both quantitative and qualitative factors, as well as the potential opportunity cost for the client in our analysis. Thus, providing our client with a complete picture and recommendations in order for them to make the most informed decision possible.

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        Mazaya Business Avenue AA-1, JLT, Dubai,   United Arab Emirates 

P.O. Box 340798 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Telephone: +971 4 568 1633

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